The look on my face doesn’t begin to tell the story.
We’re facing a critical blood shortage.
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Our need for blood never ends. Neither does our commitment. support the cause The sight of blood used to scare me.
But now I see it in a whole new light.
The science behind our supply
Our blood holds the key to conquering future epidemics. support this critical research Awarding scholarships in 3 age groups to local youth philanthropists Learn More Pittsburgh’s Inaugural NextUp Awards

We are Blood Science Foundation

We have a vital responsibility to help maintain a safe and ample blood supply for the communities we serve. As the fundraising arm of Vitalant, Blood Science Foundation is tasked with raising awareness and funds to address the alarming dynamics of a decreasing blood supply.

Our Mission

Awareness & Education

Ensuring Our Blood Supply Never Runs Low

Blood Safety & Testing

Research & Innovation

There’s Simply No Substitute For Blood

When Maddalena was born, if she hadn’t received that blood, she wouldn’t have survived. Thanks to the kindness of donors, my daughter is here today.

– Nancy, Maddalena’s mother

Your help is urgently needed by those who need blood.