Providing Blood for Those Who Need It Most

Supporting Chicagoland’s Most Critical Healthcare Needs

Vitalant (formerly LifeSource) is a tax-exempt organization established to serve the blood transfusion needs of Chicago-area hospitals. With 17 donor centers throughout the region, and numerous mobile drives every day, Vitalant distributes blood to sustain treatments, emergency procedures, and blood transfusions throughout Chicagoland. Blood Science Foundation is a tax-exempt organization in support of these operations.

The mission of Blood Science Foundation is twofold. First and foremost, the Foundation raises funds to support the entire blood collection and distribution ecosystem. Secondly, the Foundation is responsible for public awareness efforts related to this ongoing healthcare need.

Clinical Services & Diagnostics

Clinical Services focuses on the pre-transfusion testing and delivery of vital blood products to patients in our Illinois and Pennsylvania service regions. These services contribute to the treatment requirements of stem cell transplant patients who are waiting for lifesaving hematological transplants worldwide. Other services provided include: centralized transfusion services, an immunohematology reference lab, public cord blood banking, and total blood management.

Support a safe, ample, and ready blood supply for Chicagoland.