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LifeSource  is a tax-exempt provider of blood products serving Chicago area hospitals. LifeSource has 17 donor centers throughout the area and operates an average of 10 mobile drives every day, collecting approximately 136,000 units of blood annually.

Donor appointments are available during the day, evenings, and weekends and can be made online or by phone. The process is relatively simple. Prior to donating blood, you must register your demographic information, conduct an interview to determine your eligibility and conduct a brief physical. Following your donation of a unit of blood, you will have a 15-minute rest period. You’re generally in and out in less than an hour.

LifeSource also offers the opportunity to donate through one of our many mobile operations. The mobile centers are available most days, operating out of businesses, in schools, community centers, and spiritual or religious organizations. As the types of donations may be limited, please check before going.

ITxM Clinical Services is focused on quality of care and keeping costs manageable. Their goal is to provide testing and blood needs for Chicagoland and the Pittsburgh region. ITxM Clinical Services is serving the needs of stem cell patients worldwide, and who are awaiting hematological transplants. In partnership with transfusion physicians, ITxM Clinical Services ensure transfusion patients receive the required treatment for on-site transfusion services and clinical support at economical costs. 

LifeSource Makes It Easy To Donate Blood

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