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Central Blood Bank, a tax-exempt organization established to serve the transfusion needs of Pittsburgh hospitals. Central Blood Bank’s service areas include the Greater Pittsburgh areas as well as more than 10 counties in western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and eastern Ohio. Currently, Central Blood Bank distributes 170,000 units of whole blood annually and serves about 50 hospitals and healthcare facilities in the tri-state area.

ITxM Clinical Services (CTS) provides testing and blood needs for the Pittsburgh and Chicago regions, as well as serving the needs of stem cell patients globally, and who are awaiting hematological transplants. CTS, in partnership with healthcare providers, ensure transfusion patients receive the proper treatment for on-site transfusion services and clinical support at cost-effective fees. 

To aid in the diagnosis and treatment of coagulation disorders, the ITxM Diagnostics Coagulation Laboratory offers over 100 different tests in 9 specialty areas. When encountering a rare patient condition, medical professionals rely on the Therapeutic Hemapheresis department, conducting 3,000+ patient procedures each year, and on the most challenging cases. Services are also offered in Chicago in addition to Pittsburgh. For patients who have failed conventional therapeutic approaches, The Hemostasis and Thrombosis Clinic is available in Pittsburgh. 

The Hemophilia Center of Western Pennsylvania (HCWP) is a nonprofit providing holistic medical care for patients with hemophilia and other bleeding and clotting disorders throughout western Pennsylvania. Its comprehensive care model includes physical therapy and genetic counseling, with adult and pediatric providers. HCWP provides educational, insurance and research needs in partnership with entities such as the National Hemophilia Foundation, Patient Services Inc., The Foundation for Women & Girls, and the University of Pittsburgh’s Vascular Medicine Institute.

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