Blood Science Foundation is supporting the challenge of increasing the blood supply in our service areas.

Now, more than ever, your support is needed. Thousands of people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Illinois are in critical condition. 

Your gift will make a big difference and help to support our work to end the blood supply shortage in these areas and save lives.

If you’re planning to donate blood, here are just a few tips to get you ready for your blood donation:
  • Be sure to HYDRATE. Drink ample fluids on the day of your donation.
  • DRESS COMFORTABLY and wear a top that allows your sleeves to be easily rolled up.
  • Eat iron-rich foods several weeks prior to your donation.
  • Bring your ID, your donor card or two other forms of identification.
  • RELAX, your local blood bank will take care of the rest.

The need for life-saving blood always exists. Click below to schedule an appointment to donate at one of our convenient blood centers.

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