Baby Charlotte’s Story

Life is precious and when faced with medical challenges it is the love and care of others that provide the blood that ultimately saves lives. 

Charlotte’s mother, Sophia, while on hospital bed rest due to her high-risk pregnancy, underwent frequent ultrasounds. One ultrasound detected possible bleeding within her unborn baby’s brain. An emergency C-section delivery was performed and baby Charlotte was taken immediately to the NICU. It was determined that Charlotte suffered from Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia, a disease that affects babies in which the platelet count is decreased. Simply put, Sophia’s blood type was not compatible with Charlotte’s father’s blood type.

As baby Charlotte was growing inside of Sophia, Sophia’s body produced antibodies that attacked Charlotte’s platelet cells. Charlotte was born with an extremely low platelet count, and she suffered severe brain bleeds as a result. If the bleeding wasn’t stopped, the condition would be potentially fatal. Neither of Charlotte’s parent’s blood types was a match, so they had to rely on volunteer platelet donors to save baby Charlotte’s life.

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