Mothers and Life-Altering Lessons

The birth of a child is a joyous event, a time when a family widens its circle and welcomes a new member.

For Stephanie Arnold, the birth of her second child turned into a compelling lesson about the life-altering power of a readily available blood supply.

Doctors nearly lost her after she delivered a healthy baby boy. She was clinically dead for 37 seconds and needed 60 units of blood in her rare blood type.

“The fact that 60 different people gave of their blood, sweat, and tears to help save my life is 100 percent the reason why I’m alive,” Stephanie reflected. “I get to be a wife and a mom because people donated blood. I get to experience memories, and love my family, and see my child graduate from kindergarten. I get to kiss my husband. The things I probably took for granted before this all happened.”                 

Sophia Trujillo also knows plenty about the power of blood donations, even at her young age.

She battles aplastic anemia, a disease that causes her body to stop producing enough new blood cells.

“Sophia was in the ICU for 60 days, and within that time frame, she had over 60 platelet transfusions. She had 50 blood transfusions, “ said Michelle, her mother. “Each one of those transfusions was provided by a life saver that was able to give her that second chance at life.”

Michelle says her daughter goes through more hardship in a single day than many adults could bear, and she marvels at her daughter’s strength.

Stephanie Arnold and Sophia Trujillo are two different people at two very different stages of life.

What unites them is that a safe, adequate blood supply helped save their lives.

Through fundraising, Blood Science Foundation supports the mission of Vitalant – to secure that blood supply for hospitals and health care partners in the region so doctors can treat people who are sick or hurt. 

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