We are asking for our community’s philanthropic support: to help the Blood Science Foundation step forward as the leader our changing field needs, and to be there for the millions of people who depend on the life-saving services we provide and support.



The Blood Science Foundation Is Committed To:

  • Providing education and increasing awareness of blood donation challenges
  • Raising funds to increase blood donations by improving the blood donor experience and upgrading vehicles used for blood drives
  • Continued funding of research projects
  • Supporting transfusion medicine training of the next generation of physicians
  • Growing our patient care delivery geographically and expand the services offered
  • Additional initiatives that support the mission

Founding Funders

Understanding the importance of our supported organizations to the communities they serve, the Founding Funders generously support the Blood Science Foundation with a contribution of $50,000 in cash or the equivalent of cash in an in-kind donation.

Founding Funders are recognized for a full 5 years and receive the following benefits:

  • Donor name/company logo recognized as Founding Funder on website, annual report and at all BSF events
  • Invitation to annual in-person meeting with BSF President and/or Board Chair.
  • Invitation to annual briefing
  • Access to all BSF events

Whether you choose to donate blood or invest in our mission, please be part of ensuring that the Blood Science Foundation can support its life-saving initiatives as shown above.

 Donate money, gifts in-kind or blood. There is no substitute for human blood.